Warhammer 40k & Kill Team Campaign Guide

The Campaign will start in June 2019, the main reasons for creating the campaign are to:
1. Get more games in
2. Learn the new rules
3. Encourage collection, building, painting, etc
4. Allow for flexible gaming
5. Have fun just playing
From June 17th to September 16th 2019 (12 weeks)
Starting points: 500 (WH40k), 100 (Kill Team)
Mondays 2pm to 10pm
£3.50 per person, includes drink or snack, all day gaming and use of the hobby table.
Please contact us if you wish to join the campaign and tell us which faction you will be playing. New players can join the campaign anytime! 
What you will need to start:
A WH40k army with a maximum points value of 500pts
A Kill Team (same faction as army) value of 100pts
Both your army and your kill team should be painted to a tabletop standard (3 colours including base).
Games may be photographed.
Points limit increases (WH40K):
July 23rd 1000 point maximum.
August 20th 1500 point maximum.
Thank you to JV for organizing this campaign, it's rules, results and guide!
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