Prize Support Structure

WEEKLY: Standard, Modern, Legacy, Pauper, Draft*

Entry Fee: £5.50 (Your may use store credit) *Draft entry fee: £13.50

Participation booster pack.

Prizes (8 Players)

1st Place: +2 booster pack

2nd place: +1 booster pack

Prize packs scale with attendance. (See image)

Prize winners can convert their booster packs for store credit at £2.50 per booster pack (a minimum prize of 2 booster packs is required for competitive events.)

1st place in a weekly MTG tournament get's you an invitation to the Murphy's Mythical - Modern or Standard Championship in June!


Prize structure

Competitive tournament events (it will say in the event description if a given event is competitive).

MTG Standard, Modern, Sealed, Legacy

See specific event listing for entry fees and additional information.

Prizes are based on rank, each player receives one booster pack and additional packs based on rank. Players with 3+ booster may convert to credit at a rate of £2.50 per pack.


Store Credit

When gained from participation, prize support or trading in TCG singles - may be used to pay for entry to pay for TCG singles, products and entry fees.

Store credit is retained on your account until used*

*In the event of store closure, or other unforeseen event, we will notify account holders that they have a final period in which to use their accrued credit or pay the remainder of their balance.