New to Magic: The Gathering - FAQ


New to Magic: The Gathering - FAQ

I'm new to/have never played Magic, how can I learn the game?

We offer learn to play sessions every Tuesday and Friday afternoon from 2-6pm.

At the end of the intro session you'll be given a free 60-card deck and access to our free cards for beginners' box - the cards have all been donated by the MTG community at the vault.


Which products do you offer for new players?

Planeswalker decks (a complete starter deck, booster pack and planeswalker promo card)

Booster packs (packs containing a random 15 cards including at least one mythic or rare card)

Deck Builder's toolkit (contains booster packs, lands and a life counter)


I've heard of events names such as 'Standard, Modern and Legacy' what are these?

These are formats or styles in which magic can be played, there are many, but the store offers events for the big 4: Standard, Modern, Legacy and Commander. We occasionally run drafts when a new set releases.

For more info on a specific format, Wizards of the Coast (the makers  of Magic) have this handy link: 

6.30pm Events

Tues - Standard | Wed - Modern | Thu - Commander| Fri- Varies


I have absolutely no experience playing in a store or at an event outside my kitchen/bedroom/mates shed, can I still play in the store?

Yes! We welcome players of all levels of gaming experience, from new to veteran. We've even had a few official Magic the gathering artists stop by for games! 


I really like playing Magic, but I'm not competitive at all, is there a super casual day? 

We love super casual games, the format which lends itself the most (in our opinion) is Commander, which we have on Thursdays, 2-5.30pm and 6.30-10pm - there is always good chat at the commander table, its also multiplayer and makes for good diplomacy and shenanigans. 


I'd like to see the store before joining a tournament, can I bring a friend and hang out for a bit?

Yes! Our afternoons are quiet, whilst our evenings get very busy, so the best time to hang out and play a few friendly games with friends is 2-5.30pm  most afternoons.


Is there a cost to play?

That depends on the event, for intro sessions/learn to play - it's free!

For tournaments and other scheduled, weekly events, we have a table fee which is £5.50, for this you get your table space, and a booster pack. If it's commander, you'll also get a drink.


We hope that helps you get started with Magic: The Gathering and on your way to meeting many of the awesome folks in the Murphy's Vault - MTG community.

- Murphy





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