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Panharmonicon [Kaladesh]
Set: Kaladesh Type: Artifact Rarity: Rare Cost: {4} If an artifact or creature entering the battlefield causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time. All who listen hear their own song, a unique melody played just for them.
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Omnath, Locus of Rage [Battle for Zendikar]
Set: Battle for Zendikar Type: Legendary Creature — Elemental Rarity: Mythic Cost: {3}{R}{R}{G}{G}
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Inventors' Fair [Kaladesh]
Set: Kaladesh Type: Legendary Land Rarity: Rare Cost:
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Steam Vents [Guilds of Ravnica]
Set: Guilds of Ravnica Type: Land — Island Mountain Rarity: Rare Cost: ({T}: Add {U} or {R}.) As Steam Vents enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Steam Vents enters the battlefield tapped. "A massive new Izzet building project with an unstated purpose? Probably fine." —Zija, Simic mutationist
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Sacred Foundry [Guilds of Ravnica]
Set: Guilds of Ravnica Type: Land — Mountain Plains Rarity: Rare Cost: ({T}: Add {R} or {W}.) As Sacred Foundry enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Sacred Foundry enters the battlefield tapped. "You will not be trained here. You will be forged." —Commander Yaszen
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Drowned Secrets [Guilds of Ravnica]
Set: Guilds of Ravnica Type: Enchantment Rarity: Rare Cost: {1}{U} Whenever you cast a blue spell, target player puts the top two cards of their library into their graveyard. Beneath Ravnica's streets runs a layer of tunnels, then caverns, then waterways, then terrors and nightmares.
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Vraska's Contempt [Ixalan]
Set: Ixalan Type: Instant Rarity: Rare Cost: {2}{B}{B} Exile target creature or planeswalker. You gain 2 life. It wasn't long before the taverns of High and Dry were full of whispers about the new captain who could turn a person to stone with a glance.
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Fade Away [Exodus]
Set: Exodus Type: Sorcery Rarity: Common Cost: {2}{U} For each creature, its controller sacrifices a permanent unless he or she pays {1}. "Consider the fable of the greedy herder. As her flock grew, so did her weariness; she slept, and the sheep wandered off." —Karn, silver golem
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Damping Sphere [Dominaria]
Set: Dominaria Type: Artifact Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {2} If a land is tapped for two or more mana, it produces {C} instead of any other type and amount. Each spell a player casts costs {1} more to cast for each other spell that player has cast this turn. A Thran relic, it has spent ten thousand years doing absolutely nothing.
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Selfless Spirit [Eldritch Moon]
Set: Eldritch Moon Type: Creature — Spirit Cleric Rarity: Rare Cost: {1}{W} Flying Sacrifice Selfless Spirit: Creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn. "There is always more to give."
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Dream Eater [Guilds of Ravnica]
Set: Guilds of Ravnica Type: Creature — Nightmare Sphinx Rarity: Mythic Cost: {4}{U}{U} Flash Flying When Dream Eater enters the battlefield, surveil 4. When you do, you may return target nonland permanent an opponent controls to its owner's hand. (To surveil 4, look at the top four cards of your library, then put any number of them into your graveyard and the rest on top of your library in any order.)
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Goblin Matron [Urza's Saga]
Set: Urza's Saga Type: Creature — Goblin Rarity: Common Cost: {2}{R} When Goblin Matron enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Goblin card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. If you do, shuffle your library. There's always room for one more.