Prerelease - Theros: Beyond Death - Jan 18th 12pm
Magic: The Gathering

Prerelease - Theros: Beyond Death - Jan 18th 12pm


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11.30am registration

12pm Deck Construction begins

Entry fee: £21.95 person.


Tickets holders only

This event consists of a casual, fun 3 round tournament after which each player receives an additional 2 booster packs.

Tickets are non-refundable but may be passed onto another player.

Please let the store know if you choose to do this.


Ticket includes prerelease kit (6 ‘Theros: Beyond Death’ boosters + promo card + spindown life counter) and a 3 round casual tournament. 

For players under the age of 16: You will need permission from a parent or guardian that gives consent to your first name and surname to be held on our event reporter software so that we may pair you against other players during tournaments.

At the end of the event, each player receives a further 2 booster packs.

Prerelease - Theros: Beyond Death - Jan 18th 12pm ticket

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