Scottish Nationals 2018



Scottish Nationals 2018 - hosted by Murphy's Vault CCGs


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(Please note that this page will be updated regularly as more information becomes available)


Do you have what it takes to represent your country against the rest of the world? Nationals pits your nation’s best against one another in one big tournament, with the finalists of the event earning an invitation to the World Magic Cup to represent their country battle for the ultimate national bragging rights.


The World Magic Cup is an annual Magic event, gathering representatives from nations all over the world to compete in a unique team format for the ultimate national bragging rights. Teams of three, representing more than 70 countries, face off every year over a multi-day, multi-format event to crown the World Magic Cup Champion.


Note: some details including prize support and attending judges will be updated in the run up to the event, as more information becomes available. 

MTG Scottish Nationals 21/Jul/2018 -22/Jul/2018

Last chance trials
Trials will provide an opportunity to win byes for the nationals

Last Chance Qualifier
[more on this soon]
Murphy's Vault 8 St Peters Buildings Edinburgh EH3 9PG

Nationals Event location:
Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue
16 St. Mary's Street

Tel#: 0132 221 9130 (2pm-9pm)


Format: Nationals will run multi-format again – both Standard and Draft
Tickets Available: 120
Ticket link:
Ticket price: £30
Entry requirements: 100 planeswalker points. Scottish resident (Your DCI account must also reflect this).
Check your qualification status here:
Head Judge: Liz Mackie
Score keeper: Daniel De Swarte
Floor judge:
Floor judge:
Main event (21st) round 1 start 11.05am

Folk with byes: If you've preregistered and deck list is in then you need to be there by 12 at the very latest, If no deck list or registration then same as other players.*

Top 8 (22nd) round 1 start 11.05am

Standard Side event (21st) after round 4 
Modern PPTQ (22nd) round 1 starts 12.05pm

*If you wish to submit your deck list ahead of time, please email it to - with the subject: Nationals 2018 decklist, please also remember to include your name and DCI number, have your list written in plain text format.

WOTC Prize Support:
We offer enough promo cards (Flooded Strand) for the expected attendance.
Top 8 playmats
Champion Plaque
Finalist Plaque
Booster pack prizes and support will be Magic 2019, amounts TBC.

There will be a minimum of 6 boosters per player into the prize pool, each player in the top 8 will receive a Booster box. 
Prize Wall

At the main event and during the top 8 our stall will include a prize wall of Ultra-pro and products, as well as a range of our own products and mtg singles. 

You may choose to exchange your prize boosters for an item from the prize wall or for store credit which can be used on any item or ticket we sell in-store or online. 

Rounds, what to expect:

65-128 = 4 rounds standard, 3 rounds draft
129+ = 5 rounds standard, 3 rounds draft

Please note that the top 8 game will take place on the Sunday, 22nd at the Murphy's Vault Store.

Participants must be a citizen of the country or have been a continuous resident of the country since the first of the previous calendar year and must earn an invitation to their country’s Nationals by achieving one of the following standings:

Players in the Planeswalker Points Yearly Award Points Season that have accrued the minimum amount of points for that country (in this case: 100pwp, Scotland), in accordance with the Premier Event Invitation Policy (Appendix C)

Players who are Pro Tour Players Club Silver, Gold, or Platinum level
Members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame
Winners of Nationals Last Chance Qualifiers held in conjunction with each Nationals

Tournaments are run at Competitive REL (Rules Enforcement Level) with an 8x Planeswalker Points Multiplier
The number of rounds is determined by attendance
Swiss rounds are 50 minutes long and best two out of three matches
The Top 8 players at the end of the Swiss advance to the playoffs
Playoff matches are best two out of three, single elimination, and untimed

Stalls & Payment on the day
We will have MTG standard & eternal singles available to purchase, along with a selection of trading card protective sleeves, binders and deck cases. 

Payment for goods, ticketing and the like may be paid with cash, card or M.vault store credit. 
If you wish to purchase cards prior to the event, you may do so at, please choose 'collect in store' at the checkout and we shall bring your order to the event. cards for use in the event must be ordered prior to 9pm Friday 20th July.

Side Events
Drafts on demand (Dominaria, MTG Core 2019)

You may preregister for this event by purchasing a ticket online. Please be aware that tickets are non-refundable but my be passed on to another eligible player - contact us if you wish to do this. 

120 Tickets will be available, and must be purchased individually.

Alternatively you can email your interest, and DCI number to us at
Please note this will not guarantee a space if all tickets have been sold.

Ultra-Pro Bonus Prizes:
- 1x UP Citadel Backpack
- 1x Mtg Gold Abacus Life Counter
- 2x Eclipse sleeves packs

2nd Place
- 1x UP Gamers Bag
- 1x Mtg Gold Abacus Life Counter
- 2x Eclipse sleeves packs

3rd & 4th Place
- 1x Satin Tower Deckbox
- 1x Mtg Gold Abacus Life Counter
- 2x Eclipse sleeves packs
- 1x UP Drawstring Bags

5th to 8th Place
- 1x Mtg Gold Abacus Life Counter
- 2x Eclipse sleeves packs
- 1x Up Draw String Bags

For all players
- 1x Mtg Mana Deckbox
- 1x Solid Color 100Ct Deck Protectors Sleeves Pack


£100 to 3rd place in main event
£50 to 4th Place in main event 

Accessories supplied to players:

1000 Lifepads
250 Pens

50 Sleeve packs (distributed throughout side events)

16 playmats (distributed throughout side events)
Parking near the venue:,-3.182604,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x985de59b88ab0196!8m2!3d55.9491303!4d-3.1813221?hl=en-US