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Nightstalkers Faction Starter

Nightstalkers Faction Starter

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This set contains everything you need to start a Nightstalkers Faction for Kings of War Vanguard, including: 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Butchers 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Horrors 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Reapers 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Phantoms 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Shadowhounds 5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Scarecrows/Spectres 26 Warband Cards, including Special Rules Card, Spells Card, and the following stat cards (3 x Spectre, 3 x Reaper, 3 x Scarecrow, 3 x Needlefangs, 1 x Butcher, 3 x Phantom, 3 x Horror, 3 x Shadowhound, 1 x Reaper Souldrinker and 1 x Butcher Fleshripper) 15 Bases Mantic Points Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue. Requires Kings of War Vanguard: Rulebook to play.

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